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Wellcome to our dumpster FAQ page. Most frequently asked questions about our company and services can be found here. This section also contains answers to the most common questions about dumpster container rentals.

How long have you been in Same Day Dumpster Rental Lexington?

In 2005, we began as a cleaning service. Same Day Dumpster Rental Lexington were introduced approximately 13 years later.

Can you give us a referral so we know we’re hiring the best company?

Absolutely! Please call us at (859)710-8044 & ask for referrals from previous customers. We will gladly provide you with the phone numbers of our previous and current customers.

How do I figure out what size dumpster I’ll need?

If you live in Lexington, KY, you can easily come to our location to see the various sizes we have. If this isn’t an option, you can contact us by phone or by filling out our contact form, and then we will discuss your options and the best dumpster size for your project.

When will you be picking up the dumpster that I rented from you? Is there any way to have it taken care of sooner?

Please keep in mind that any changes to your order should be made at least two business days before the change date. It will allow us to perform all of the paperwork as well as the terms & conditions that apply. Because our drivers & personnel adhere to a strict schedule, a last-minute change to a agreement will be hard to organize, but doable.

However, if we determine which we can support your request, we will simply charge you an additional fee and will gladly allow you to keep the dumpster longer and have it removed sooner.

Dumpster rental service in Lexington

Is it necessary to be present when the dumpster is delivered and picked up?

It is not essential to have someone on-site for the container removal. However, it will be most beneficial to us if you were present at the location during first delivery. Our driver will be able to get specific guidelines on where to locate the dumpster container this way. However, if you are unable to be present at that time, we will appreciate it if you could leave your phone line open so our driver can contact you to inquire about the delivery details.

Please be specific in your responses, as our staff & crew will use their best judgement to place container in safest yet most accessible location. Please be aware that you will be liable for the costs associated with relocating the dumpster if this becomes necessary.

In terms of pickup, you can consider leaving detailed instructions & unobstructed access to a unit on scheduled pickup date. Additional fees may apply if it is tough to pick up dumpster due to inaccessibility.

Aside from the dumpster, what else do I get?

A dumpster rental will include a one-time pick – up and delivery date. Standard disposal & fuel fees, as well as state taxes, are already built into the price. You can request an itemised price list so you can choose the services you require. If there are specific services which you require that are not on our list, please contact us so that we can make an arrangement for you.

Is it okay if I move a smaller dumpster on street?

Smaller dumpsters need not require trucks to be moved. Even although they’re not as large as other rental units, the city of Lexington has specific waste management laws. Kindly verify with your municipality to see if required to place a dumpster on street is permitted. Permits are required in Lexington.

What types of materials are acceptable for disposal in a dumpster?

Items made of solid waste are permitted. Collative, highly flammable, radioactive, explosives, biomedical, toxic, or hazardous materials, on the other hand, are strictly prohibited. Please do not dispose of any free liquids in the container. Whether you have prohibited waste that needs to be hauled away, kindly inform us immediately before the terms & conditions are established. We have services that can handle waste materials like these while also saving energy.

Our company is ready to assist you, regardless of whether you’re renting a dumpster container for the first time or looking for a waste disposal partner at a reasonable rate.

So give us a call at (859)710-8044 right away.